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North Georgia Solitaries is the creator of the Pagan Assistance Fund, a program designed to give resources and aid to Pagan families in crisis and assist other organizations in the community that bring aid and comfort to Pagans in need.

Some of our current projects are below:

  • Toys for Yule - We are collecting new, unwrapped toys for Pagan children for Yule. We will be collecting these toys all year. You can drop your toys off at any booth at Pagan Events that are ran by a member of the Atlanta Pagan Round Table, or at any booth ran by North Georgia Solitaries. [A list of members and booths, while not complete, will be provided. This list will be constantly changing, so keep checking back!]

  • Compassion Crafts - We will be taking donations of knitted or crocheted caps, scarves, blankets, etc. for Pagan chemotherapy patients, elderly and others who's bodies don't keep them warm enough. We will also be taking donations of yarn and other knitting and crochet supplies. You can turn them in to any of the below members/booths/locations.

  • Church of the Spiral Tree (CST) Pagan Prisoner Ministry- We are collecting paper, envelopes and stamps to assist the Church of the Spiral Tree in getting their newsletter in the hands of inmates that have requested it. We are holding a book drive to help get Pagan and Wiccan books into the libraries in the Prisons. Any books will do. We will take non-pagan books and swap them on swap sites or sell them on Amazon to turn them into Pagan or Wiccan books. You can turn them in to any of the below members/booths/locations.

  • Tabs for Pagan Assistance Fund - Bring your can tabs and we will turn them in to recycle and let that money go into the Pagan Assistance Fund. You can turn them in to any of the below members/booths/locations.

  • Publications - We are putting together a recipe book, spell book, ritual book, children's activity book, and coloring book to use as a fundraiser. We would like to have submissions from all over the community to fill these books.
Please visit the Pagan Assistance Fund for more info on what we're up to!

PAF Drop-Offs:

  1. North Georgia Solitaries [Booths/Officers]
  2. Pagan Assistance Fund [Booths/Officers]
  3. MyDragonfly_Rose Gifts [Booths]

And any Atlanta Pagan Roundtable Members listed below:
  • Lady Charissa - NGS School of Witchcraft / North Georgia Solitaries / Atlanta Pagan Roundtable
  • Laurie Bates, Donald Bates & Jonathon Lowe - MyDragonfly_Rose Gifts / North Georgia Solitaries / Sacred Mother & Child / Atlanta Pagan Roundtable

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