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A special thanks to Corey Frison for inviting us out to the event and sharing his table with us. Without him we never would have made so many wonderful contacts!

We've done the Flea Markets, we've done the Festivals, and we've done the House Parties, so what was next on our rapidly extending repertoire? Conventions! What better place to vend at for your very first convention than Through the Veil at the Hilton in Atlanta?

We made so many wonderful friends, contacts, and met so many wonderful people who loved Laurie's pretty shiny baubles, it was definitely a learning experience and very eye-opening. For some of us at MyDragonfly, it was even spiritually unblocking and uplifting! We are definitely considering going back again next year.

While there we heard a lot of talk about why we should go vend at DragonCon, so that is definitely a possible future venture worth looking forward to.

In the meanwhile, we are still looking for people interested in hosting House Parties for us, as well as any information about local festivals or conventions that are looking for a jewelry with Laurie's unique talent. From regular to spiritual and even steam-punk inspired jewelry, soaps, and lotions, everything she makes is absolutely gorgeous (in either beauty or scent) and definitely should not be passed up! Her pieces are selling quickly, so make sure you come out to one of the days listed under our Events page and see what she's got! Each piece is one-of-a-kind so once it sells, you'll never see it again! If something she makes speaks to you, make sure you say something about it!

We are also beginning to do equal-worth bartering based on the monetary value of what we are bartering with. So if you see something you like on our table(s) and you have art or services of equal value you'd like to trade instead of paying cash, bring it to our attention. There is always a way you can help MyDragonfly. Just wearing our pieces is walking advertisement for us! :)

We also want to thank everyone who has been following us for the last year, and those who have been with us since the very beginning back in 2005. Your support means a lot to us, and we hope to continue having it!

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