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Saturday, December 10, 2011
Red Top Mountain State Park

Last year, Pagan Pathways Festival was held at Litha, also at Red Top Mountain. It was a wild event with a larger turnout than we had expected. We had very wonderful volunteers helping us out, and Lady Chris spared no expense in making sure that North Georgia Solitaries' first annual Pagan Pathways event went off without a hitch. It was a huge success!

The nature of Pathways, originally called "Turning of the Wheel" was to have one per season, so now as we make our way around the wheel we come to Yule! This year Pagan Pathways will be hosting a Party for Yule at Red Top Mountain State Park. It's sure to be loads of fun! We are always striving to take the next step forward and to help the community and its resources grow! If you're interested in helping to plan or organize this event, please contact Lady Charissa.

Proceeds go to the Pagan Assistance Fund.

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