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June 2-5, 2011 GreenSong's mission is to foster music that promotes harmony between individuals, and between humans and the natural world. Our goal is to help the power of song play a more significant role in shifting human values and culture, leading to a greater compassion for all beings, a deeper acceptance of personal responsibility, and a more frugal use of resources.
396 Starbridge Rd, Murrayville, GA. 30564

Grandmother Elspeth: “It all started with a favorite dream: having Emerald Rose sing at my birthday party! However, that seemed like a small and selfish wish for such a BIG BIRTHDAY– 81 years! Since the focus of both my private and public life is waking people up to their potential power and thereby shifting the future, I looked in that direction for an event theme. When we learned about the Tempest Smith Foundation, we found a kindred spirit, an organization compatible with our perspectives. A music festival (along the lines of the Clearwater Festival) seemed a good way to combine it all. Thus was born the idea of celebrating a birthday with ceremony, earth/environmental education, and music. With this we could achieve several goals:

  • To get lots of folks together to network and form communities
  • To encourage people of all ages to jam, perform, and enjoy great music.
  • To offer challenging earth-centered, people-oriented workshops that were both entertaining and educational.
  • To celebrate my 81st Birthday in a fabulous way!
“We invite you to be a part of this wonderful event!

“Come as a musician, scheduled or not, come as a workshop presenter, come as a songwriter, come as a vendor, come to have fun with people who are changing the world – one note at a time.”

Contacts Attendee & Vendor Times
  • Vendors may arrive Thursday June 2 at 8:00 am
    may arrive Thursday June 2 at Noon
    Opening Ceremonies – 4:00 pm Thursday
    Closing is 11:00 am Sunday June 5 & off site by 1:00 pm
About OEG:

May 5-8 @ beautiful Dragon Hills near Carrollton, GA.

We have recently noticed Pagan events slipping into modern technology themes with recorded music dance parties and adult only themes. While we agree that the dance parties are fun and consenting adults should be allowed to do what they want, we would like to try to preserve the Pagan events of a few years ago the way we remember them.

Activities Listed below are a few of the activities for Beltaine 2011.

  • Workshops
  • More to Come
  • Rituals
  • Opening Ritual
  • More to Come
  • Community Events
  • More to Come
  • Round Tables
  • More to Come
  • Meet and Greets
  • More to Come
  • For the Kids
  • More to Come
What to Bring
  • ** Tent [?]
  • ** Tarp or dining fly for shade and rain
  • * Hammock, rope
  • * Chairs for your camp
  • * Small folding chairs for workshops and drum circle
  • * Folding table for your camp
  • * Food preparation supplies [?]
  • * Food, beverages
  • * Plenty of snacks, drinks, and cigarettes
  • * Cooler for food storage
  • Water container for your camp [?]
  • Two dishpans for dishwashing and cleanup, plus soap
  • Trash bags for your camp
  • firewood, charcoal, lighter, etc.
  • flip flops for the shower
  • citronella for candles, tiki torches, fuel, lanterns, flashlights, candles, extra batteries
  • clothes suitable for outdoors (plan for warm days, cool/cold nights - jacket, good socks, tank tops, shorts), rain gear, poncho, hat, boots, umbrella, sandals, hat, and sunscreen towels, biodegradable soap, shampoo
  • porto-potty (it's a long walk to the barn at midnight)
  • allergy and other medicines, band aids, first aid
  • fun clothes or costumes
  • instruments, especially DRUMS and/or percussion instrument
What NOT to Bring
  • Fear
  • Expectations
  • Psychotic People
  • Pets (except certified service animals)
  • Illegal substances
  • Firearms and other weapons
  • Trouble-causing drunkenness
About Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills is a primitive campground, however electrical hookups, flush toilets and showers are in limited availability. Bring your tent and camping gear, or camper (no hookups). The site boasts a short order restaurant run by land managers James and Rita Middleton. The land is hilly and some of the pathways are rocky. We recommend bringing some hard sole shoes. Events have been held at Dragon Hills for many years. This Private Property facility is a place full of memories for many of us and serves as a home away from home. For rental of the (limited) onsite cabins and tents, please contact Rita Middleton at
Time: Friday, May 6 at 11:00am - May 8 at 9:00am

Location: Red Top Mountain State Park at the Pioneer Camp Ground

Created By: Beltane Bash

More Info:

You're invited to the 1st Annual Beltane Bash 2011 to benefit the Pagan Assistance Fund!!
May 6th, 7th, and 8th @ Red Top Mountain State Park at the Pioneer Camp Ground

All festivities happening on the 7th!

...Vendors, Maypole Dancing, Rituals, Drumming, Children's Activities, and many more fun activities!

The Pagan Assistance Fund was started by the North Georgia Solitaries in 2009. It was created to help Pagans find a place and people to turned to in their time of crisis. It's difficult for a Pagans to seek assistance due to spiritual practices, and the Pagan Assistance Fund is here to give Pagans a safe place to turn to.

The Beltane Bash was brought together by supportive Pagan communities to help the growth of the Pagan Assistance Fund.

This is a fun family event, everyone is welcome!!!
Camping (entire weekend): $20 per tent
Saturday day-trippers: $5 per person. Kids 13 and under are free
Vendor Space is $15
Sponsors - $25

To register visit;
To Learn more about the Pagan Assistance Fund visit;
Wow! Kicking butt and taking names, Lady Cris and Kieran Nightstar, together with active leaders and volunteers in the Pagan Community came together to take yet another step forward for the Pagan Rountable! Aislinn, the lead organizer for the Pagan Marketplace of Ideas, had decided not long after this year's event, to step down and allow someone new to take up the mantle of organizing the annual Marketplace. She decided it would be a wonderful addition to the ideals of the Marketplace to bring in some fresh perspective, and she graciously thought of the Atlanta Pagan Roundtable, as their ideals are very similar to what the Marketplace of Ideas is all about.

Without hesitation, the Roundtable members stepped forward and, after a lengthy discussion, accepted this mantle and has set to work on making the 2012 Pagan Marketplace of Ideas a reality! Several other topics were poured over, some old and some new, and volunteers stepped in to fill the roles necessary to make things happen in the community. Check out this blog frequently for more updates to what will be going on in the Pagan Community!

Overall, Donald --Laurie's husband-- and I had a lot of fun meeting up with old friends and making new acquaintances. It was definitely a wonderful experience and we hope to take part in much more in the future months to come. We hope to see everyone soon, and I'm sure we will at one event or another.

Blessed Be,

Flame - MyDragonfly_Rose Gifts
MyDragonfly has only been a part of the Pagan Community for a few months and already we have met so many people and made so many friends! From the first event we traveled to --Pagan Pathways at Litha-- where North Georgia Solitaries was gracious enough to share their booth with us to benefit the Pagan Assistance Fund (which we were excited to have a hand in!) to Atlanta Pagan Pride Day, and then on to the Atlanta Pagan Marketplace of Ideas, we have experienced and learned so much about how many others are out there in the community, and we have had the pleasure of experiencing first-hand what Community is all about!

Now MyDragonfly takes it one step further and takes a more active role in the Community.

If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of Pagans and others around us by helping provide a positive impact on the community and developing forward momentum, then come out and join us at Harrison Park in Marietta, GA on Saturday April 2, to participate in the Atlanta Pagan Round Table meeting where every voice comes together to be heard and to make a positive impact.

Together, we can make a difference!

Harrison Park
2653 Shallowford Road
Marietta 30066

The business meeting will start at 3:30 sharp - please arrive in plenty of time to do your meet-n-greet so we can start on time. Dinner after will be potluck - please sign up in the database so we know who is coming and what kind of food is coming with you.

There is a playground right next to the pavilion so your children will have something to do and you will be close enough to be able watch them during the meeting easily. Drinks will be BYOB - we will have coolers with ice to keep them cold.


  • Community announcements - what is going on that you want to share
  • Old business- items we left last time to work on - where we are with them
  • New business - what do we want to add to the list to work on this quarter
  • Action plan - between old business and new business set up volunteers to work on the items decided on
  • End meeting and start socializing and pigging out

Suggestions of things to bring:

  • camp chairs (there are just a few picnic tables and they aren't comfortable for long term sitting)
  • bug spray - we are surrounded by woods at this pavilion
  • sunblock for when you get out from under the shade
  • plenty of whatever beverage you choose to drink - we are already getting some pretty hot days
She's done it again! First it was the Altered Art bracelets which took Decker's Flea Market and Atlanta Pagan Pride by storm, and now Laurie has come out with MyDragonfly's very own version of Steampunk Jewelry. Check the Jewelry section of the site for pictures of her latest creations. The collection is currently expanded in the form of hair pins, broaches and necklaces (beaded and chain-link.)

Take the class and elegance of the Victorian style, and mix it with the bronze and silver machinations of the technological era's wild west and modern watches, and together you form the sub-genre of Steampunk. Having taken the world by storm once upon a time, Laurie is bringing it back into style again, this time adding her own personal touches to it that makes it unique to MyDragonfly_Rose Gifts.

Check out the first line of Laurie's Steampunk Collection at the Atlanta Pagan Marketplace of Ideas on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at Sweetwater Creek Park in Lithia Springs, GA. Remember, there's a $5 parking fee, but you get in free with a donation of 3 canned food items per person. Without the donation(s), the cost of admission is $5 per person. Children under the age of 13 are free!

Come on out and check us out at Marketplace. Don't worry if you can't make it, cart-shopping will be added right after the Marketplace and you will be able to buy from stock here online, or place a custom order of your own!

Brightest Blessings,

Hey everyone! This is the first online venture for MyDragonfly_Rose Gifts and we're all so glad you could come along for the ride with us! We're all very excited to be able to reach out to the community in this new way, and hope that it provides a helpful way for you all to shop and browse not only our stuff, but the community as well! Don't forget to check out our Affiliates page for connections to the North Georgia community --hopefully we'll expand beyond North Georgia!

With the launch of this new site, we are very glad to inform you that after March 26 2011, shopping cart features will be made available to the public for purchasing items in-stock. After the Atlanta Pagan Marketplace of Ideas, come here to catch a first-glimpse look at all of our new items before they ever hit the Festival Markets!

We will keep you updated with all House Parties hosted for us, as well as the Festivals and Flea Market(s) we will be vending from on a week-by-week basis. Laurie is always coming out with something new, so don't stay away too long! You might miss out on the next new style or venture!

Brightest Blessings,

Everyone from MyDragonfly_Rose Gifts
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