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May 5-8 @ beautiful Dragon Hills near Carrollton, GA.

We have recently noticed Pagan events slipping into modern technology themes with recorded music dance parties and adult only themes. While we agree that the dance parties are fun and consenting adults should be allowed to do what they want, we would like to try to preserve the Pagan events of a few years ago the way we remember them.

Activities Listed below are a few of the activities for Beltaine 2011.

  • Workshops
  • More to Come
  • Rituals
  • Opening Ritual
  • More to Come
  • Community Events
  • More to Come
  • Round Tables
  • More to Come
  • Meet and Greets
  • More to Come
  • For the Kids
  • More to Come
What to Bring
  • ** Tent [?]
  • ** Tarp or dining fly for shade and rain
  • * Hammock, rope
  • * Chairs for your camp
  • * Small folding chairs for workshops and drum circle
  • * Folding table for your camp
  • * Food preparation supplies [?]
  • * Food, beverages
  • * Plenty of snacks, drinks, and cigarettes
  • * Cooler for food storage
  • Water container for your camp [?]
  • Two dishpans for dishwashing and cleanup, plus soap
  • Trash bags for your camp
  • firewood, charcoal, lighter, etc.
  • flip flops for the shower
  • citronella for candles, tiki torches, fuel, lanterns, flashlights, candles, extra batteries
  • clothes suitable for outdoors (plan for warm days, cool/cold nights - jacket, good socks, tank tops, shorts), rain gear, poncho, hat, boots, umbrella, sandals, hat, and sunscreen towels, biodegradable soap, shampoo
  • porto-potty (it's a long walk to the barn at midnight)
  • allergy and other medicines, band aids, first aid
  • fun clothes or costumes
  • instruments, especially DRUMS and/or percussion instrument
What NOT to Bring
  • Fear
  • Expectations
  • Psychotic People
  • Pets (except certified service animals)
  • Illegal substances
  • Firearms and other weapons
  • Trouble-causing drunkenness
About Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills is a primitive campground, however electrical hookups, flush toilets and showers are in limited availability. Bring your tent and camping gear, or camper (no hookups). The site boasts a short order restaurant run by land managers James and Rita Middleton. The land is hilly and some of the pathways are rocky. We recommend bringing some hard sole shoes. Events have been held at Dragon Hills for many years. This Private Property facility is a place full of memories for many of us and serves as a home away from home. For rental of the (limited) onsite cabins and tents, please contact Rita Middleton at

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