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Wow! Kicking butt and taking names, Lady Cris and Kieran Nightstar, together with active leaders and volunteers in the Pagan Community came together to take yet another step forward for the Pagan Rountable! Aislinn, the lead organizer for the Pagan Marketplace of Ideas, had decided not long after this year's event, to step down and allow someone new to take up the mantle of organizing the annual Marketplace. She decided it would be a wonderful addition to the ideals of the Marketplace to bring in some fresh perspective, and she graciously thought of the Atlanta Pagan Roundtable, as their ideals are very similar to what the Marketplace of Ideas is all about.

Without hesitation, the Roundtable members stepped forward and, after a lengthy discussion, accepted this mantle and has set to work on making the 2012 Pagan Marketplace of Ideas a reality! Several other topics were poured over, some old and some new, and volunteers stepped in to fill the roles necessary to make things happen in the community. Check out this blog frequently for more updates to what will be going on in the Pagan Community!

Overall, Donald --Laurie's husband-- and I had a lot of fun meeting up with old friends and making new acquaintances. It was definitely a wonderful experience and we hope to take part in much more in the future months to come. We hope to see everyone soon, and I'm sure we will at one event or another.

Blessed Be,

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