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The park just called to tell us that a tree fell on the pavilion. We are moving the party to Kieran's house. Lady Cris will be contacting people individually from the list of people who signed up saying they were or might be coming, to get them the address. If you don't get contacted, drop her a message at the North Georgia Solitaries Facebook Page or a phone call or a text at 404-723-6015 so she can get you the address.


NGS will be having a family picnic in the park. My Dragonfly Rose will be there with their unique jewelry designs. Come out and celebrate Litha by socializing with friends and family. If you can't purchase anything, no worries. If you can, remember that proceeds will be going to the Pagan Assistance Fund. Real goal of this day, food, fun, and family. The PAF will have coolers with water, soda and juice for purchase.

Potluck - bring great picnic food.

Please RSVP here if you are coming with your potluck selection so we can plan and make it a great party!


We are suggesting that since there isn't a playground that you bring toys for your children that are good "outside" toys. We are going to try and keep the running around and playing outside. Also, seating is limited - bring camp chairs and parking is limited so carpool if you can.
2/18/2012 10:40:43 am

I came across something from your line in a thrift store...and was wondering if i could find out what it wqas called? I can take a picture of it...but the label was so faded and blurred, your company name was all I could make out.

I see the last blog was July of last year, i could find nothing more recent...hope this gets to you :)


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