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Beltane Bash was SUCH a hit! If you couldn't attend this year, you definitely should next year! The First Annual Beltane Bash was started as a way to celebrate Beltane and act as a Fundraiser for the Pagan Assistance Fund, it ended up becoming a meeting place for one large community family! The children's activities were wonderful (thank you Michelle Gannon) and they were fun for all, even those of us older generations who are still kids at heart, haha! The Maypole Dances were absolutely gorgeous and a source of much fun and laughter for all.

The crowning of the May Queen and her King lead in to a dance by them at the Drum Circle later on that evening (congratulations Melissa Reed and Zachary Reed!) The vendors there were all so wonderful and we saw so many different crafts by so many different people. The turnout was small, but it was just enough for such a lovely, relaxed community gathering. Everyone was able to enjoy themselves thoroughly, and soon EVERYONE was dancing around the Beltane fire and then the festival REALLY got going!

If you really enjoy music/drumming, dancing, and overall fun, then Beltane Bash is just the place to be! The food was wonderful, a special thank you to all who donated to that.

Kira from Kira's Cross Cultural Dance Company began the evening by performing a beautiful energizing dance full of empowerment and positive energies, which only lead further into an evening full of fun, excitement, and the obvious passion that everyone has for community ,and the love for one another. People got out there and dance to their heart's content, being cheered on by everyone, the circle was full of love and encouragement.

We look forward to seeing what next year's event has to offer, and we are very proud to have been a part of this first annual event. The donations received through the event to the Pagan Assistance Fund allowed us to meet two of our goals of meeting the State and Federal requirements, so as soon as the paperwork is all filled out and filed, PAF will officially have reached Non-profit status! We're all excited to see what this means for the Assistance Fund as well as the overall community!

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